Are your nails healthy?

Nails are as important as our skin. Here are some tips to keep our nails healthy.

Keep nails clean

Avoid biting and picking nails

Avoid using acetone or formaldehyde containing nail polish remover

Healthy diet – a wholesome diet is always essential for healthy body including our nails.

A comprehensive supplement rich in biotin is beneficial to our nails. Nutrifii Optimals and PureNourish Beauty Boost contains optimal level of biotin for enhancing cuticle and nail health.

Remember to moisturize your hands and nails to minimize dryness and brittleness. Don’t forget to apply hand cream after washing your hands. BioZkin B12 plus+ cream, ideal as a hand cream. It’s non-greasy and absorb instantly. It deeply moisturizes and regenerates hands and nails.

If the nails are brittle, add on the PureFresh Virgin Argan body/ hair oil to strengthen fingernails and cuticle health.

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