Benefits of drinking Coffee

There have been studies in the past show the health benefits of regular coffee intake. A study published in 2015 reveals the benefits of regular intake of coffee may reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

The study involved about 1500 men and women. They were being evaluated based on the amount of intake. ‘casual’ coffee drinkers (less than 1.5 cups per day) vs ‘habitual’ drinkers (more than 1.5 cups per day) vs non-coffee drinkers. They were being followed for 10 years.

Researchers observed that the higher coffee consumption linked with the lower level of a serum protein marker of inflammation. Also, the ‘habitual’ coffee drinkers were 54% less likely to develop diabetes as compared to non-coffee drinking group. Researchers concluded that the anti-inflammatory effect of coffee components may be responsible for the protection.

How to drink coffee in a healthy way is also an important factor. Drinking coffee in moderate amount. Avoid adding simple white sugar or artificial sweetener like aspartame. Minimize adding cream. Consider drinking black coffee and enjoy its real aroma.  


Eur J Clin Nutr. 2015 Nov;69(11):1220-5

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