Do you know what 3489 represents on your fruits and vegetable stickers?

Code starts with 3 or 4: conventionally grown
Code starts with 9: organically grown
Code starts with 8: food containing genetically modified organisms (GMO)

What is GMO?

A GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) fruit or vegetable means a genetically modified gene is being put into the crop. For example, insect resistant gene has been incorporated into corn making it not being damaged by insects.

What type of food may contain GMO ingredients?

  • Carbonated beverage
  • Milk
  • Meat (corn fed)
  • Soy product
  • Canola oil, vegetable oil (corn, soy, cotton seed)
  • Cereals
  • Juices (sugar added)
  • Processed frozen product
  • Canned soup

At this point in time, the safety of GMO food is still controversial. There has been research showing the connection of these food and health concerns. Please be aware it is not mandatory to label GMO food in most countries including Canada and the United States.

As a consumer, it is important for us to know and understand what we eat. We would suggest to minimize the intake of GMO food if you can. Starting to read the labels of your foods especially processed food to check out the hidden GMO ingredients.

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