Dog - Why feed Raw?

Why feed Raw?

With the advent of the industrial revolution, our ancestral food chain has significantly changed within the last 100 years, that has huge influence on our food industry and eating habit moving into overly cooked, heavy processed/modified, low quality, convenient fast foods. Unfortunately, this same trend has made their way into the bowls of our furry family members and that has detrimental influence on their overall well being and quality of life.

Dog born to be able to crush bone?

Dogs are not biologic-ally & naturally designed To eat kibble! They have only been introduced to cooked and processed foods within the last 80 years. Looking back at the historical diets of dogs and their wolf ancestors, it is clearly evident that they are carnivores. Their teeth, gut and digestive physiology strongly support this. Dogs have hinged, powerful jaws along with canines and triangular shaped carnassial teeth for the ripping and tearing of flesh and crushing of bone. They don’t have the typical molars for the grinding of plant material or a four-chamber stomach for the slow digestion and fermentation of complex carbohydrates (starches from plants and grains). They have a large stomach, short digestive tract and very small cecum, indicative of consuming large amounts of high protein food in a short time period and for fast digestion and rapid absorption of nutrients. 1

Sugar & carbohydrate are bad for our pets?

Ironically, a dry kibble diet consisting of extreme high percentage of carbohydrate and sugar (commonly over 45 to 60%!) l kibbles much of the protein are even plant based. It’s impossible to expect our pets, consuming this type of diet all LIFE long day and night, can be satisfied both physically and nutritionally? It just does not make sense.


1.Mills, Milton R., MD. The Comparative Anatomy of Eating. Nov. 2009.

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