Fiber and your health

Adequate fiber intake is important to prevent constipation. Eat more vegetables and fruit to help us 'go'.

Besides this, what other benefits does fiber have to our health?

There are two types of fiber: insoluble and soluble fiber.

Insoluble fiber (e.g. vegetables, wheat bran) increases stool bulk that helps with our regularity of bowel.

Soluble fiber (e.g. oats, peas, citrus fruit) dissolves in water and can help lowering cholesterol and improve blood sugar levels. Also, high fiber foods can help to maintain your goal weight and assist in your weight management program as fiber gives us longer lasting satisfaction. It is more filling than low fiber food. Recent research also found that higher intake of insoluble fiber may contribute to lowering blood pressure too.

If you don't use to eat vegetables, it's time for you to gradually adding more portions into your daily diet. A small change at a time will make a difference. On top of fiber, probiotics are also important to prevent constipation. The good bacteria help the gut ‘move’ and restore the healthy ecology of our gut. For fiber intake, just replace a bag of chips or a chocolate bar with an apple or banana as the snack. Or you can simply just do a healthy protein shake already loaded with the adequate amount of fiber and probiotics for your breakfast or lunch. It’s just as easy as that.

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