Hair and Scalp Health

When the season changes, you may consider changing your skincare routine. What about your hair and scalp? With decreasing humidity in the fall or in summer when we turn on the air-conditioner, our skin including our scalp can lose moisture very easily. To protect and promote our scalp and hair health, we got to take care of them from outside in and inside out. We should always keep ourselves hydrated with an adequate amount of water intake daily. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for hair and scalp health.

Nutrients that are beneficial to our hair and scalp including but not limited to vitamin A - deficiency can cause dandruff

B vitamins especially biotin, riboflavin, and folate are important for strengthen hair shaft and maintaining volume. The inadequate amount can potentiate hair loss.

Vitamin C, D enhances hair follicles health

Vitamin E protect hair from UV damage.

Minerals including copper, zinc, selenium, iron are all important in preventing hair loss, supporting hair growth and keeping hair shine.

Protein and omega 3 fatty acids are also important for hair growth and health.

Maintaining a well-balanced diet is not easy to do and it’s very hard to get enough nutrients our body needs, supplement with a comprehensive vitamins and minerals is beneficial to overall health including hair and scalp health. Some hair supplements are clinically proven for promoting hair growth if hair loss is one of your concerns.

Last but not least, remember to keep yourself well hydrated and fully nourished to keep your hair and scalp healthy!

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