How to minimize, improve or lighten scarring?

Let’s learn about what is a scar…

A scar is a mark left on your skin after an injury heals. A scar results from the wound healing process. Damage to the deeper layer of the skin (dermis) will cause a scar.

Scars can be resulted from…

There are different types of scars:

Flat and pale scars

  • Very common after minor injuries like cuts

Hypertrophic scars

  • Thick and raised scars, often red in color
  • Occur when there is a lot of tension around a healing wound
  • Common after burn injuries

Keloid scars

  • Reddish hard growth that develop when the body produces too much collagen on the affected area, even after the original wound has healed
  • Can develop from most types of skin injures
  • Can take 3 to 12 months or longer to develop

How to minimize, lighten or improve some of the commonly occur scarring?

Acne scars

  • During the acute phase of acne, do not squeeze the pimple to minimize potential scarring
  • Vitamin B3 reduces inflammation and helps to hydrate the area for wound healing. It also helps to lighten hyperpigmentation
  • Vitamin C can be used to lighten the scar after inflammation phase

Minor Cut wound

Topical B12

  • helps with wound healing as it deeply regenerates the skin cells
  • helps to minimize scars forming

Post surgeries scaring:

  • Silicone
    • Protects the skin barrier and provides long-lasting moisturization
  • Pracaxi oil
    • Rich in fatty acids and lipids, with antioxidant properties that promote a soothing and nurturing environment for scar healing

Pracasil plus cream contains the two ingredients above

Keloid and raised scars from injuries:

Pracasil plus cream

Post skin treatment:

Hyaluronic acid

  • Retains water and hydrates skin for skin repair and scar healing

Vitamin B3

  • Helps to hydrate skin and prevent water loss from skin
  • Lightens dark areas of scar
  • Helps to reduce inflammation

Regardless of any type of scarring, sun protection is also important

  • Physical sunblock to prevent UV rays from causing darkening of skin at scar area

Understanding scarring and providing an ideal environment for scar healing with clinically proven ingredients can help scar fade away.

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