Myths and Facts about Health

When talking about health and wellness, we all know that we should eat healthly and stay active. There are many myths in this area. Let’s check these out…

Many people are overweight nowadays. They have been getting too much nutrients.

They are getting too many empty calories from unhealthy food.

I eat 3 balanced meals a day. I get enough nutrients from the food I eat.

The quality of our food has significantly decreased for the past number of years due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and massive production. Transportation, storage, and cooking destroy many nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

I have bowel movement every day, my body is detoxing very well.

We inhale and ingested many toxins that we are not even aware, such as

Our body is not capable to effectively get rid of these toxins properly.

So how do we resolve these problems?

Eat more organic fruits and vegetables as well as grass fed meat as much as possible. Proper detoxification and protecting our body at cellular level using high quality supplementation can enhance our health and protect us from ‘rusting’ from inside out.

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