Q & A about Drysol - the antiperspirant

Why is Drysol recommended to be applied before bedtime?

Our sweat glands are less active at bedtime. For that reason, we can take advantage of the time when the sweat production is low.

Why do I have to apply Drysol when the skin is completely dry?

When water or moisture is present, hydrochloric acid can cause skin irritation.

How do I apply Drysol and how often?

Apply to affected area at bedtime. Leave it on for 6 to 8 hours and wash off the following morning. Frequency of application can be reduced once sweating starts to reduce.

Why can’t I use Drysol with other antiperspirants or deodorants?

Other antiperspirants or deodorants may contain similar ingredients as Drysol. This is to minimize or avoid duplication of therapy.

What if I want to use a deodorant during the day while I am using Drysol?

Choose deodorant that does not contain ingredients similar to Drysol. BiosenseClinical Therapeutic Deodorant Spray is a safe and effective option.


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