The Key to Good Digestive Health During the Holidays

The holiday season is tough on the body, with foods that are rich in fat and cholesterol, as well as the holiday party scene, meaning higher amounts of alcohol are consumed, so what are some routes that can be taken to ensure that the body stays healthy?Before exploring what measures should be taken, it is important to note what organs are most likely to be affected by dietary changes: the gut and the liver.

Starting with the gut, foods that are rich and full of fatty ingredients, tend to be tough on the gut when they are introduced in an extended period of time. Often times bloating and upset stomach occurs, but there’s no reason to suffer through this holiday season. As we talked about in our blog last week, probiotics, or live cultures of good bacteria, are the key to a harmonious gut environment. The addition to live yeast and good bacteria to the existing environment helps to break down any of the foods that lead to the symptoms that would normally exist from the types of food being consumed. Another easy step is to get ahead of the food, listen to your body, eat slowly, and stop when you are satisfied rather than stuffed. Lastly, stay hydrated. Hydration is key for BOTH the gut and the liver. Water helps keep the digestive system flowing, which helps eliminate symptoms.

The liver is an organ that is oftentimes overlooked for the important roles that it performs, such as removing harmful substances from our blood, storing and exporting fat, and regulating bile for digestion. During the holiday season, the liver has to work overtime to rid the body of the toxins that are entering it. Overconsumption of alcohol and fatty foods play a toll on the liver, but certain foods can help. Foods high in methionine,including eggs, fish, legumes and seeds,

help detox the liver, while foods high in sulfur, such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussel sprouts provide further detoxifying effects. Foods high in vitamin B5 and vitamin B1 help reduce toxic effects, providing for overall great digestive health.

The holidays can be a tough time, but they don’t have to be. Follow these simple food rules and your gut and liver will thank you!


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