Collection: Betadine®

BETADINE® antiseptic products like BETADINE® Sore Throat and BETADINE® First Aid help to reduce viral and bacterial infections in the throat and prevent infections in minor cuts and scrapes before they start.

The active ingredient of BETADINE® antiseptic products, povidone-iodine, kills germs quickly to help prevent infections. Protect your family and support infection control with BETADINE® antiseptic sore throat treatments and first aid solutions.

BETADINE® continues to provide early infection treatment options with products such as BETADINE® Cold Defence Nasal Spray. A natural product with anti-viral effects that help reduce the duration of common colds, BETADINE® Cold Defence Nasal Spray is recommended for use at the first sign of common cold symptoms.

Sore Throat

Feel the sign?

At the first signs of a sore throat, spray or gargle with BETADINE® Sore Throat products.

BETADINE® Sore Throat Spray and BETADINE® Sore Throat Gargle help to treat sore throats and throat infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Be two steps ahead of a sore throat with BETADINE® antiseptic throat spray and gargle.

First Aid

Minor cuts, scrapes
or burns?

Kill the germs and help prevent infection with BETADINE® First Aid.

BETADINE® Antiseptic Cream and BETADINE® Antiseptic Spray help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

Help prevent infections by killing germs with BETADINE® First Aid products.

Cold Defence

Clinically proven
defence against colds.

When you first notice cold symptoms, use BETADINE® Cold Defence.

BETADINE® Cold Defence Nasal Spray is a cold treatment that helps stop colds early on.

Help prevent viruses from multiplying and spreading with BETADINE® Cold Defence Nasal Spray.

* These products may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label.