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Povidone-iodine is a topical antiseptic that treats and helps prevent infections. Its antimicrobial properties are useful in first aid for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, or abrasions as well as to help treat sore throats caused by viruses and bacteria.

BETADINE® antiseptic Sore Throat and First Aid products contain the active ingredient povidone-iodine to help treat and help prevent infections before they start. While BETADINE® Cold Defence contains iota-carrageenan, a natural ingredient clinically proven to have an antiviral effect.

Sore Throat

Feel the sign?

At the first signs of a sore throat, spray or gargle with BETADINE® Sore Throat products.

BETADINE® Sore Throat Spray and BETADINE® Sore Throat Gargle help to treat sore throats and throat infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Be two steps ahead of a sore throat with BETADINE® antiseptic throat spray and gargle.

First Aid

Minor cuts, scrapes
or burns?

Kill the germs and help prevent infection with BETADINE® First Aid.

BETADINE® Antiseptic Cream and BETADINE® Antiseptic Spray help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

Help prevent infections by killing germs with BETADINE® First Aid products.

Cold Defence

Clinically proven
defence against colds.

When you first notice cold symptoms, use BETADINE® Cold Defence.

BETADINE® Cold Defence Nasal Spray is a cold treatment that helps stop colds early on.

Help prevent viruses from multiplying and spreading with BETADINE® Cold Defence Nasal Spray.

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