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Why supplementation is important?

The number of people suffering from chronic illnesses has been increasing in staggering numbers. Many die from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and stroke. Similar problem also occurs in many of our furry family members.The accelerated accumulation of toxic substances due to ingestion of low quality dog food and poor detoxification result in early aging in dogs as well. Their bodies have been under long term oxidative stress where parts of their body are similar to rusting like an apple turning brown. High carb, high sugar, high salt, and artificial flavors in kibbles and treats can cause accelerating aging in dogs.

Be proactive in protecting the health of our lifelong companion friends is far more effective than treating them after they get sick. Therefore, highly bioavailable quality food and supplements with complete and balanced vitamins and minerals are essential in preventing our pets from getting sick.

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Like human, degenerative joint problem such as osteoarthritis is common among dogs. This causes pain, discomfort, instability, and in severe case, immobility. The root cause of degenerative disease including arthritis is oxidative stress. Protecting and repairing the joint from a cellular nutrition level is one of the important components in additional to healthy diet. Glucosamine helps to rebuild the joints. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are the building blocks of the ‘cushion’ of the joints. Turmeric extract helps to reduce discomfort. Other antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are also important for joint heath.

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“All disease begins in the gut!” - This is very true. Good bacteria in the gut are good defence against infection, disease. The stronger the gut is, the stronger is its defensive power. However, the ‘fast food’(kibble) diet has destroyed the natural defence system, leading to leaky gut syndrome, allergies, and other diseases. Restoring and maintaining the gut health of our best companions will keep them healthy and happy. Choosing a quality probiotics to replenish the beneficial gut flora is an effective way to maintain gut health of our dog.

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