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Omega Mender Itch Ender

Omega Mender Itch Ender

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Royal CoatTM Express

Omega Mender! Itch Ender!

  • High potency fish oil and borage oil - Visible benefit for pet skin related issues.
  • Recommended use: dry skin, hot spots, excessive paw licking, greasy and dull coats, dandruff, hair loss, sores in ears, slow wound healing and dermatitis.
  • FYI: Omega-3's (+ glucosamine products) provide additional support for joint discount.
  • Royal CoatTM Express is less expensive per serving with higher quality ingredients than competitor products.

Active Ingredients: Fish oil (Omega-3) procideing EPA and DHA; barage oil (omega-6) providing GLA and LA; vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E (d-l-alpha tocopherol).