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Polysporin Original Ointment

Polysporin Original Ointment

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Polysporin Original Ointment is for use on the skin only. It is usually used for treatment of mild skin infections caused by bacteria.


Clean affected area thoroughly. Apply POLYSPORIN® Original Ointment to the area 1 to 3 times daily and cover with bandages if needed.


Follow all directions on the product package, or use as directed by your doctor. Before using the medication, wash your hands. Avoid contacting eyes and mouth with this medication. If this occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Use of large amounts of this medication on the skin area is generally not recommended unless you have consulted your doctor. 


Medicinal Ingredients (per gram): 10,000 units Polymyxin B (as Sulfate), 500 units Bacitracin Zinc.